Garrett AT Gold - $1006.95 (tax included)

Garrett has designed the coil on this “AT” gold detector to reach up to ten feet deep in water and has a 5″ by 8″ double D search coil. This Garrett AT gold is not only limited to gold but has several option to help you find treasures such as coins, jewelery, relics, and any other metal items under water or out on the soft beach sand.

Garrett ACE250- $322.95 (tax included)

With 40 years of engineering prowess behind it, and a head turning sporty, outdoor design, the Garrett Ace250 was made to perform for the 21st Century treasure hunter.

Loaded with full range notch discrimination, pinpoint feature, graphic target ID and Touch-n-Go technology, the Garrett Ace250 is the finest metal detector in it's class.

Garrett ACE250


Metal Detectors & ACCESSORIES

Garrett EuroACE

Garrett EuroACE- $449.95 (tax included)

This detector provides powerful new search advantages for coin and jewellery hunters, prospectors and relic hunters.

Enhanced Iron Resolution™—Coin and relic hunters will appreciate the more precise control over how much iron discrimination to apply. This feature is used to help separate good treasure targets from adjacent iron trash.

New 8.25 kHz frequency offers improved ability to detect small, conductive targets (ie small gold nuggets) than previous ACE detectors
Improved Audio—Tone ID optimized to indicate distinctions between ferrous and non-ferrous targets.

Garrett AT Pro International - $881.95 (tax included)

Discover the Garrett AT Pro all terrain metal detector. From beach hunting to underwater metal detecting, the Garrett AT Pro sets a new standard in all terrain metal detection. The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is designed for treasure hunting both on land and in the water. The AT Pro is engineered to meet all of your treasure hunting needs.

All terrain versatility - Waterproof housing and connectors protect against dusty muddy, wet and humid environments. The AT Pro can be immersed in water to a 3-metre depth (maximum) to search in and along shorelines, rivers, piers, docks or swimming holes.

Garrett ACE150

Garrett ACE250 Sports Pack - $449.95 (tax incl.)

Get the Garrett ACE250 seen above PLUS Garrett ACE Sport Tote Bag; Garrett Treasure Sound Headphones; ACE Instructional DVD; Rain Cover; 9"X12" ProFormance Search-Coil; How To Find Treasure Book.

Garrett AT PRO International

Garrett AT PRO International

Garrett AT Gold

Garrett ACE150- $229.95 (tax included)

This rugged new machine exhibits every tool and well thought out feature you need in a quality metal detector. It's easy to use, offers high performance handling without complex settings and adjustments, as well as featuring intuitive controls that make treasure hunting fun, easy and very rewarding.

This full on sporty Ace150 also features excellent depth, accurate target ID and discrimination and is right on the money when it comes to cost! Rest assured this machine will send the competition back to the drawing board.