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Garrett ProPointerAT - $188.95 (tax included)

Garrett ProPointer II - $169.95 (tax included)

Garrett Deluxe Gold Panning Kit-$69.95 (tax incl.)

The Garrett Deluxe Gold Panning Kit is probably the best way to get started on your gold prospecting adventures.

The Deluxe Garrett Gold Pan Kit is a great tool to get started gold panning because it offers a few different sized quality gold pans, a nice classifier, a snuffer bottle, a couple of glass vials, a set of tweezers, Garrett and Lagal’s How to Find Gold field guides, and a Gold Panning is Easy book and DVD. This is a great set to get you started panning for gold.

There are a few benefits of having a different sized gold pans. As you’re panning, you will likely begin with quite a bit of material. The Garrett 15″ SuperSluice pan will let you pick up this material and really be a bit more aggressive in washing out the bigger material and getting to the good stuff.

The slightly smaller 14″ Prospector gold pan has more conventional measurements with a more sloping angle on the sides and less surface area on the bottom of the pan.

The smallest gold pan in this panning kit is the Garrett 10″ Backpacker gold pan. This pan is great, obviously, for carrying around with you as it is light and portable. It’s also a good pan for doing finishing work on your panning when you’ve removed the larger material and are down to small stuff. This smallish pan is also good for small hands and is a great way to introduce kids to gold panning.