How it all began

Hi. My name is Greg Wallace, and I am addicted to metal detecting. And believe me, there is no cure.


I became interested in metal detecting about seven years ago. I quickly realized that I could not purchase a quality name-brand metal detector locally, and I couldn't even buy one in the Atlantic Provinces. So, I went on-line and bought a Garrett ACE 250 Sports Pack.


So, i got to thinking....

How about *I* supply Atlantic Canada with metal detectors?

what is so great about metal detecting?

I have found many interesting things in my years of metal detecting. Sometimes they are valuable, sometimes they are not worth anything. One of the most meaningful finds was the custom-made wedding ring that my cousin gave to his wife. She had lost it 30 years prior to my arrival with my Garrett 250 metal detector. I found it within 10 minutes of stepping onto their property.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Metal Detecting is a great hobby that gets you outside, instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer is inexpensive to get the initial equipment is easy to do - no prior experience required! times, your finds can be profitable

- Wisdom of a Man With Digger Fever

"want it, dig it, find it"


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